Link Tracker

Import your own link tracking data, to enable use of Outreach Link Tracker report within the Cubed Platform. This includes forecasted metrics such as revenue, sales and traffic; alongside link metrics such as domain authority and follow/no-follow links.

To get started, please follow the steps below.

To upload your link tracker data, please visit Link Tracker via Account Configuration within the Cubed platform. It is important to use the defined CSV structure for the import (see table below).

PyDCS Headers Screenshot

The Link Tracker CSV template consists of several fields. While implemented_date and url fields are the only mandatory fields, client, campaign, and site_name are heavily advised to be populated for optimal functionality when using the Link Tracker report. On the other hand, backlink, follow and domain_authority can be left blank if applicable, in this scenario, default values of ' ' (an empty string), 0 (no-follow) and 0 will be assigned, respectively.

Field Description
implemented_date The date associated with the url. Please assure dates are set in format YYYY-MM-DD, for example 2022-03-01.
client The client with which the url is associated.
campaign The campaign which is running for a given url. For example, Mothers Day.
site_name The site name which the campaign is running on.
url The url which the campaign is running on for a given site_name. Ensure that prefix of "https://" is not included in the url, if you do not adhere to this you will not see correct sales/revenue metrics in the Outreach Link Tracker report. .
backlink The backlink associated with a given url.
follow A boolean (true/false) field where follow=1 and no-follow=0, please ensure you convert any string based classifications into numerical, this can be done in excel using the following formula: IF(A1="Follow", 1, 0).
domain_authority Search engine ranking score that predicts how likely a website is to rank in the search engine result pages. This is a numerical field in the range 1-100. If no value is given this field will be assigned 0.


Once the file has been imported successfully, the Link Tracker metrics will feed into our Cubed reports overnight, and reporting should be available the next day.