Cookies | Local Storage


The Cubed tag will need to drop a couple of cookies to track Visitor and Session information. No identifiable information is stored in these.
When our tag talks to the Cubed server, we return a unique token for Visitor, and another unique token for Session.

All our cookies are categorised as "analytical". Please see below.

Name Category Description Expires
vscr_vid Analytical Cookie that contains the Visitor token. 6 months or when cookies are deleted.
vscr_sid Analytical Cookie that contains the Visitor's Session token. 30 minutes or when browser is closed.
vscr_ref Analytical Cookie that contains the Visitor's Session referer. (See Split Visits) 30 minutes or when browser is closed.
vscr_reqid Analytical Cookie that attempts to track a Visitor across different tabs. This is a legacy feature and is slowly being removed from our tag/system. 30 minutes or when browser is closed.
vscr_thirdparty Analytical Cookie to help track Visitor's via third party means. This is legacy now due to browser changes, and is being phased out. 6 months or when or when cookies are deleted.

The preferred method for tracking visitors involves the use of a company specific first party domain for setting cookies and collecting the Cubed data; this approach is compliant with ITP based browsers and allows the maximum coverage for cookie setting and data collection.
For this functionality, clients will need to work with their account managers to enable the process to begin.

The process has the following requirements:

  1. You will need to nominate a data collection domain. For example, you may wish to collect data to Note that the top level domain must match the top level domain of the website being tracked.
  2. You will need to create a CNAME record within your domain name server that points the created domain to the Cubed data collectors - details of this requirement will be provided by your account manager.
  3. You will need to provide SSL certificates to allow the data collection to be secure at the Cubed data collectors. Cubed can provide a managed certificate service in most instances if required.

Once this process has been completed, you should then refer to the Set Server section of our Base Tag documentation in order to use the new domain names.

Local Storage

We sometimes utilise local storage, when available, to store server side payloads. In these objects we store Account configurable information that may be useful on the client tag side.

Name Category Description
vscr_payload Analytical Value that contains account configurable properties.