Customer Id and Customer Id Type


Similar to Sync Tokens, the Cubed platform allows for clients to pass up their own Customer Id for advanced data tracking.
This can then be used to join external Client data sources with Cubed collected data.

As of June 2022, you can also set a Customer Id Type. This allows Cubed to use your Customer Ids to perform custom processing or exporting of customers. Currently, the only Customer Id Type we support is 'Klaviyo', an email platform. Customers tagged with this Id Type can be exported to Klaviyo and have Events from Klaviyo included in their journeys.


vscr.push(["addCustomerId", "abcdef"])
vscr.push(["addCustomerId", "abc123", "klaviyo"])

The Customer Id is not hashed like a sync token, which means it is readable in your Cubed database. We have taken this approach to allow easier joining of from within Cubed to external systems. Our databases are encrypted at rest.

CustomerIdType defaults to "Onsite" if no value is provided, indicating a customer with an unique ID from the client site. If a supported Customer Id Type is provided, this will be associated with the customer when the visit is processed. Further processing to match your customer to external data sources will likely be done overnight.


window.vscr = window.vscr || [];
vscr.push(["addCustomerId", customDataLayer.loggedInCustomerId, "klaviyo"]);