Tag Debugging


The cubed object can be accessed in the console via vscr. Do not set these variables unless you know what you are doing. Always use the provided functions.

Variable Definition Function
accountId Account token used by server. setAccount
customerId The set current Customer Id. addCustomerId
events Array of Events for this tag fire. addEvent
forwardParams Array of Forward Params used to append landing page query params to document.referrer. addForwardParam
labels Array of Labels. add{type}Label
log Array of logs reflecting what the tag has done. vscr.printLog()
referrer Where the visit has come from. N/A
server The domain this tag will fire to. setServer
syncIds Array of syncIds as set in the tag. addSyncId
visitId The token used in the Cubed database for this Visit's data. N/A
visitorId The token used in the Cubed database for this Visitor's data. N/A


The Cubed tag logs all activity. As functions are called it tracks what was called, and what was passed in. To help debug client side issues, we have provided a couple of functions.

To print all the logs, just run: