The CUBED Attribution platform allows the capture of Sync IDs to join customer records across multiple devices and platforms. These sync IDs are stored in a hashed format, but are passed in the JavaScript call in standard format. You can use any unique identifier as a Sync ID, such as telephone number or email address.

Cubed Syncs

The standard syntax for capturing sync IDs is as follows:

vscr.push(["addSyncId", "Sync ID Value"])

For example, if you are using email address as a Sync ID, the call would appear as:

vscr.push(["addSyncId", ""])

In the same way as our other tag calls, you can fire multiple Sync IDs in a single hit by calling the relevant push function twice before firing the tag. For example:

vscr.push(["addSyncId", ""]) 
vscr.push(["addSyncId", "vs34541122"])

Customer ID - External Syncing

When capturing visitor data in the Cubed platform, you may want to join external visitor data to Cubed data. This can be done by passing a Customer ID in to the tag. This will allow you to link any external information you have associated with that Visitor with Cubed data, at a later date.

Syntax for passing the Customer Id:

vscr.push(["addCustomerId", "idABC_12345"])